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Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

In 1976, ten youthful (all were in their twenties) brothers of like ideas and similar attainment: Gary C. Clark, James E. Dixon (W), Robert W. Fairchild, Michael C. Faulcon, Carl W. Haywood, Hilary H. Jones, III, Anthony R. Knight, Bishop K. Perry, Harold A. Thurman and Marvin L. Whitehurst, realizing that the value of our Fraternity was not in numbers, but in men, in real brotherhood, believed that establishment of a graduate chapter of our beloved Fraternity would be an oasis in Virginia Beach--an area void of any Pan-Hellenic Council organizations at that time.  On March 22, 1976, National Executive Secretary Harold J. Cook informed the brothers that their request to form a new chapter had been approved and the name Gamma Xi, assigned.

At the first meeting, the arduous task of assuming the helm and chartering the chapters' course fell on the capable, broad shoulders of Carl Haywood who was elected Basileus. The following brothers were elected to the offices listed to assist him: Hilary Jones, Vice Basileus; Richard Hooker (who joined just weeks after the chapter was chartered), Keeper of Records and Seal; Marvin Whitehurst, Keeper of Finance; Robert Fairchild, Parliamentarian; Bishop Perry, Chaplain; Gary Clark, Editor; and James Dixon, Keeper of Peace.

Gamma Xi made plans to herald and proclaim its presence in Virginia Beach with dignity, style, and class. Nothing less than Virginia Beach's premier hotel at that time - The Cavalier - would suffice for the gala banquet commemorating the founding of the new chapter. On May 28, 1976 at 7:45 PM, The Cavalier, resplendent in the golden hues provided by the setting sun, provided the perfect venue for the city's mayor, the Honorable J Curtis Payne, Bro. Gene Carter, and Bro. Bernard McKie (Basilei of Lambda Omega and Pi Gamma respectively) to greet the new chapter and its family and friends. Following the keynote address by Bro. Harold J. Cook, Bro B.T. Garnett presented the charter to the chapter and Bro. Charles Chambliss, Jr., Third District Representative, installed the first officers. "O how good and how pleasant" it was to hear our beloved Omega Dear ubiquitously resound through the banquet hall as the climax to the evening's festivities.

From these humble beginnings, a group of Omega men who through their dedication to the aspirations so firmly planted by the founders have provided UPLIFT to the citizens of Virginia Beach as well as making an indelible mark at the district and national levels; examples of key contributions by its members include:

            Grand KRS - Robert Fairchild
            National Talent Hunt Chairman - Carl Haywood
            District Representative - Robert Fairchild, Gary Clark
            District Keeper of Finance - Gary Clark
            District Social Action Chairman - Wm. Terry Calhoun (current)
            District Talent Hunt Chairman - Carl Haywood, Chris Abad (current)
            District Marshal - Robert Fairchild, Robert Ambrose, Michael Faulcon, Alvin Swilley
            District History and Archives Chairman - Carl Haywood,
            District Reclamation Chairman - Michael Faulcon
            Area Supervisor - Anthony Knight, Carl Haywood, Willie Harris
            Regional Intake Chairman - Michael Banks (current), John Jessup, William Prentiss, Turan Smith,                                                       Thomas Atkins(W)

During its formative years, Gamma Xi became a life member of the NAACP and established annual programs and activities, which included but were not limited to James Dixon (W) and Calvin Sears (W) Scholarship Fund, Charles Drew Blood Drives, The Labor Day Boat Ride, and the Halloween Party for Youth in addition to the fraternity's mandated programs - Achievement Week, Talent Hunt, etc. 

Also during this period, Gamma Xi enhanced the Omega Spirit by aggressively supporting other chapters in the area. The chapter moved its meetings from a free non-profit facility to the Norfolk Omega House, operated by Lambda Omega Chapter. Consequently, the two chapters began to wholeheartedly embrace the activities of each other and more joint activities were implemented. In 1980, the Chapter was instrumental in the establishment of Tau Lambda Chapter of Old Dominion University through the induction of five candidates. In 1986, the chapter celebrated its tenth anniversary by hosting the Fifty-Third Third District Conference.

Highlighting its twentieth anniversary, Gamma Xi exuberantly embraced the delegates to the Sixty-Third Third District Conference on April 18, 1996. Under the capable and aggressive leadership of brothers Anthony Knight (Basileus), Corwin Hayes (Vice Basileus), John Jessup (Keeper of Records and Seal), and Willie Harris (Keeper of Finance), the chapters' thirty-eight financial brothers with their diverse educational and vocational experiences, show casing an excellent reflection of the plethora of young professionals in which Hampton Roads abounds, proved once again that "Eight men thoroughly immersed in the true Omega spirit are far greater assets than eighty with lukewarm enthusiasm." 

Gamma Xi’s aggressive and careful balance between reclamations and inducting new members has increased productivity and heightened the fraternal spirit, which unites the chapter. The Brothers of Gamma Xi continued to work hard to serve and to uplift the community. This is accomplished with established and newly added programs including but not limited to: Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Nursing Home, Big Brother Program, Voter Registration Drive, VAMI walk, American Diabetes Walk, the “Omega Cup” golf tournament, the Sickle Cell Walk-A-Thon and The Gospel Uplift Scholarship Concert. 

The chapter’s fifty enthusiastic brothers lead by brothers Michael Banks (Basileus), Wm. Terry Calhoun (Vice-Basileus), Delvin Peeks (Keeper of Records and Seal), Turan Smith (Keeper of Finance). Highlighting Gamma Xi’s Thirtieth anniversary, once again the brothers step forward to hosting a hugely successful and enjoyable Seventy Third -Third District Meeting, April 06-09 2006 providing continued Friendship and Uplift in the District.

Following the Centennial Celebration of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, held and celebrated in 2011 in our birth place of Howard Univ. at this time under the leadership of John Jessup(Basileus) and Antoine Hickman (Vice Baslieus), Kevin Blount (keeper of Records & Seal), Kenji Ridley (keeper of Finance) and Reggie Matthews (Ways and Means Chairman), the chapter established the Gamma XI Uplift Foundation (www.gxuf.org) a 501 C 3 entity to help Uplift the citizens Hampton Road. With this foundation the chapter launched a highly successful and wel attend by citizens and brothers throughout the third district for the First of Many Stop the Violence Breakfast to support the YWCA and Samaritan House.

The chapter’s current roll reflects over fifty enthusiastic brothers lead by brothers Wm. Terry Calhoun (Basileus)(District Keeper of Finance), Bro Gregson Ferebee (Vice-Basileus), Vincent Walker (Keeper of Records and Seal), Keith Yarborough (Keeper of Finance). During this time the brothers lost the beloved Brother Jerome Alston and added his name to the annual Golf tournament to keep his memory alive and raise funds to support the youth of Virginia Beach.  Rekindle a dormant mentoring program to assist young mean become leaders via the Golden Fold mentoring program and much more. Highlighting Gamma Xi’s Fortieth anniversary, once again the brothers will step forward to host the 83rd Third District Meeting, April 14-16, 2016 providing continued Friendship and Uplift in the District. Gamma Xi chapter and the Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation (a 501 C (3) entity) remains dedicated to fulfilling its mission of community service while continuing to march boldly into the twenty-first century, (1) enriching the community; (2) humble, obedient, and steadfast service; and (3) providing friendship, which is essential to the soul.

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